Quantum Conundrum Step Guide

Quantum Conundrum is a captivating first-person puzzle game where you harness the power of four different dimensions to navigate through challenging levels. You play as the nephew, unexpectedly visiting your brilliant scientist uncle, Fitz Quadwrangle. However, things take an unexpected turn when an experiment goes awry, leaving your uncle trapped in another dimension with no memory of what transpired. Your mission is to explore his vast mansion, activate generators, and ultimately save him.

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Step 1: Complete the Game Once Simply play through the game, and most trophies will unlock as you progress through the chapters.

Step 2: Collectibles and Miscellaneous Trophies At this stage, your focus should be on earning trophies like “Ah, Finally Some Peace and Quiet,” “Did a Thing,” and “Explorer of All Roads.” This leaves you with the map-specific challenges in the next step. If you missed any trophies along the way, try to pick them up here.

Step 3: Map-Specific Trophies Your goal is to obtain the map-specific trophies such as “In Less Than 12 Parsecs,” “Honor Student,” and “Still Alive.” Use the chapter select to review your progress on each map. If you failed any challenges in a specific map, replay it until you master it.


Quantum Conundrum Tips

Here are some tips to help you navigate the challenges of Quantum Conundrum:

  • Play with the Exit in Mind: In most cases, the exit is visible from the start. Make it your goal and plan your steps accordingly. Determine whether you need to go up, down, left, or right. If there are pressure plates, prepare to carry objects to open the door.
  • Watch for Visual Cues: Keep an eye on the lines as they light up when power flows through them. This not only helps you track the power but also assists with time-sensitive solutions.
  • Listen to Your Uncle: Your uncle’s puns and wordplay often contain clues about dimensions and objects needed to solve puzzles. In complex platforming situations, he provides guidance on where to jump from. Restart the level if you think you missed an important hint.
  • Look at Everything: Pay attention to your uncle’s comments about objects. His remarks can be both humorous and informative, providing hints. Shift dimensions to explore various objects; you might find surprises.
  • Mid-Air Shifting: In some cases, you need to throw an object while it’s light and then make it heavy mid-air to weigh something down or break through a window. Utilize your powers to make landing easier or keep objects in place.
  • Normal Dimension: Don’t forget that the normal dimension can be quite useful. Consider switching to the normal dimension in between powers to maintain the arrangement of items.
  • Try a Fresh Approach: If you’re struggling with a particular puzzle, don’t get stuck on a single solution. Quantum Conundrum emphasizes logical problem-solving over twitch-based gameplay. Experiment with different powers, angles, and orders.
  • Take a Break: Sometimes stepping away from a challenging puzzle can help you return with a fresh perspective. Quantum Conundrum is a mentally demanding game, so a break can make all the difference.

Achieving 100% Completion: To reach a 100% completion in Quantum Conundrum, follow these steps:

  1. Collect Blueprints and Awkward Noise Generators: Explore each level thoroughly to locate Blueprints and Awkward Noise Generators. Collecting them is essential for your progress.
  2. Efficiently Solve Puzzles: Work on solving puzzles swiftly and with the fewest dimension shifts possible. Check the Level Select screen to see the goals you need to meet to complete levels within the par time.
  3. Review Your Progress: Periodically check your stats and trophy progress. This will help you identify any specific challenges you need to focus on to attain the 100% completion.
  4. Consult Guides and Videos: If you find yourself stuck on a particular puzzle or trophy, there are various online guides and video walkthroughs available. These resources can provide valuable insights and solutions without entirely spoiling the experience.

Remember that Quantum Conundrum is a game that values creative problem-solving and logic. By diligently following these steps and incorporating the provided tips, you’ll be well on your way to achieving 100% completion in this challenging and rewarding puzzle adventure. Good luck!


What is the objective of Quantum Conundrum, and who is the main character?

Answer: Quantum Conundrum is a first-person puzzle game where you play as the nephew of the brilliant scientist Fitz Quadwrangle. Your mission is to explore his mansion, activate generators, and save him from another dimension.

What are the key steps for achieving 100% completion in Quantum Conundrum?

Answer: The key steps include completing the game, earning collectibles and miscellaneous trophies, obtaining map-specific trophies, and consulting guides or videos when needed.

How can visual cues and your uncle’s wordplay assist in solving puzzles in Quantum Conundrum?

Answer: Visual cues, such as lines lighting up when power flows through them, help with tracking power and solving time-sensitive puzzles. Your uncle’s puns and wordplay often contain clues about dimensions and objects needed to solve puzzles.

What is the significance of stepping away from challenging puzzles in Quantum Conundrum, as mentioned in the tips?

Answer: Taking a break from challenging puzzles can provide a fresh perspective and improve problem-solving. Quantum Conundrum is mentally demanding, and a break can help players approach puzzles with renewed clarity.