Dark Void Zero Game

The release of Dark Void marked Airtight Games’ exciting entry into game development. Capcom’s 2010 release promised high stakes, immersing players in a whimsical sci-fi universe.

Dark Void is notable for its captivating jetpack-based gameplay, deftly blending vertical cover, air combat, and ground action, akin to the tension of a high-stakes poker game.


The game’s narrative centers on William Grey’s journey. After a crash in the Bermuda Triangle, he is transported to an alternate universe known as the ‘Void.’ Here, he encounters other humans in conflict with an alien race, the Watchers. The Watchers once enslaved humans, held as gods, until Adepts banished them to the Void.

With the aid of Nikola Tesla, the survivors retrofit Watcher technology to create weapons, jetpacks, and airships. Will and the survivors must battle various enemies, including the Watchers, to find their way back to Earth. The game seamlessly combines ground and aerial combat, using weapons, upgrades, and flight abilities to progress through the storyline and overcome challenges.

Gameplay and Difficulty

Dark Void’s gameplay and difficulty draw parallels to the excitement of games. Similar to placing bets, the game presents players with a straightforward objective: finding keys, unlocking doors, and securing portal codes to advance. However, beneath this apparent simplicity lies a challenging experience, not unlike the unpredictable odds in games.

As you progress through the game, you’ll face various adversaries determined to hinder your progress, much like opponents in a high-stakes poker game. Equipping your primary weapon enhances your firepower, much like a skilled user strategizing their bets. The secondary weapon becomes a valuable asset, aiding in overcoming obstacles and formidable enemies, adding depth to the gameplay, just as expert users refine their tactics.

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Furthermore, the inclusion of a jetpack introduces an element of risk, much like placing bets on different outcomes. It enhances your mobility while simultaneously increasing the complexity of exploring the game’s levels, similar to navigating the ever-changing odds in games. Dark Void further encourages players to dive into the intricacies of the game by scattering collectibles like tech points and journal entries throughout the levels, offering rewards for those who dare to explore further, much like a successful user who delves deeper into the world of games for greater rewards.

Boss Battles and Controls

After exploring each location, you will encounter formidable bosses, a hallmark of classic games. Surprisingly, these boss encounters can be even more demanding and challenging than the levels themselves, indicative of the overall complexity of the game.

Dark Void’s control scheme is intentionally simplistic, paying homage to the classic NES games of the past. Thanks to the two-button setup, the controls are not only convenient but also highly responsive. This design choice effectively recreates the tactile experience of playing classic 8-bit games and ensures that players of all skill levels can easily immerse themselves in the action platformer.

Despite its relatively limited scope of three levels, Dark Void surpasses other games by providing significant challenges and replay value. It successfully captures the essence of the 8-bit era, offering an immersive and nostalgic experience that resonates with longtime fans of classic games as well as newcomers looking for a taste of the past.


Visual and Sound Effects

The visuals and sounds in Dark Void take players on a nostalgic journey, much like the excitement of a vintage game. Just as users seek the classic charm of traditional games, the game recreates the 8-bit visual presentation of the NES. It faithfully captures the essence of classic NES games with meticulous detail, akin to the allure of timeless card tables and the vibrant colors of games. The game’s soundtrack, reminiscent of retro chip tunes, enhances the overall experience. These authentic sound effects and visuals combined create an immersive audio-visual journey that transports players to a bygone era, much like the timeless appeal of classic games.

How to Play Dark Void Game

Step 1: Complete the Story on Hardcore Difficulty

Dark Void may present some issues with glitched trophies, and the solutions to these problems remain unclear. In some cases, players have reported that resolving these glitches might necessitate starting a new game. Several trophies within the game have been identified as prone to glitches, so it’s essential to exercise caution and be prepared for potential setbacks.

Step 2: Collect All Journals and More Tech Points

After successfully completing the story on Hardcore difficulty, the next step is to shift the difficulty down to Casual. Using the convenient Chapter Select feature, revisit various levels to collect any journals or other trophies that may have been missed during the initial playthrough. Keep in mind that progress, such as collectibles and tech points, carries over between different difficulty settings.

Step 3: Collect Any Remaining Tech Points

Should you find yourself in need of additional tech points to maximize your equipment upgrades, dedicate your efforts to acquiring these points. Enhancing your gear can significantly improve your gameplay experience and provide you with an advantage as you progress through the game.


Downloadable Content

The downloadable content (DLC) for Dark Void introduces Survival Missions, consisting of confronting ten waves of enemies and facing unique challenges. Some of the trophies associated with the DLC content can be substantially more challenging compared to those found in the base game. However, it’s important to emphasize that obtaining the Platinum trophy does not require engaging with the DLC, making it an optional and additional gaming experience.


While Dark Void may be relatively short, its addictive gameplay and difficulty compensate for it. Even if you’re not initially a fan, Dark Void’s enjoyable gameplay might convert you, similar to someone discovering a passion for games. In summary, Dark Void is an excellent journey into the 8-bit era, and its retro charm will certainly appeal to gamers seeking a nostalgic experience.

With its addictive gameplay, challenging bosses, and nostalgic 8-bit aesthetic, this is a game that will be appreciated by fans of classic 8-bit games and newcomers alike, much like how users of all experience levels can find enjoyment at the game. In addition, the trophy guide offers a structured path to obtaining the platinum trophy, ensuring an enjoyable and successful completion of the game, just as seasoned users seek out strategies for success in the games.


What are the main gameplay features of Dark Void, and how does it combine them?

Dark Void offers a combination of vertical cover, aerial combat, and ground combat. Players have access to four types of weapons: “Liberator, Oppressor, Restorer, and Observer Disintegration Rifle, which can be upgraded. The unique jetpack-based gameplay mechanics allow you to seamlessly transition between these modes, creating an intense and unique gameplay experience.

Who are the key characters in Dark Void and what role do they play in the story?

Several central characters in the game, including William Gray, the protagonist who falls into the “Void” after an accident in the Bermuda Triangle. Nikola Tesla, a brilliant scientist and inventor, helps with the reverse engineering of alien technology. Ava, Will’s ex-girlfriend, and Atem, a fellow survivor, also play important roles in the story.

What is the plot of Dark Void, and what is the central conflict in the game’s storyline?

The plot of Dark Void revolves around William Gray’s journey to return to Earth. He finds himself in the Void, a parallel universe where he and other humans are in conflict with an alien race called the Observers. The Observers enslaved humans, revered as gods, until Adepts banished them to the Void. With the help of Nikola Tesla, the survivors modernize the Watchers’ technology to create weapons, jetpacks, and airships, and they must fight various enemies, including the Watchers, to find their way back home.

How does Dark Void capture the essence of classic 8-bit games in terms of gameplay and difficulty?

Dark Void offers simple and intuitive gameplay reminiscent of classic 8-bit games. While the main goal seems simple – finding keys, unlocking doors, and getting portal codes – the game offers three different difficulty levels to cater to different player skills. Enemies and bosses add to the challenge, and the controls are intentionally simplified to recreate the tactile experience of classic NES games, ensuring that players of all skill levels can enjoy the action platformer.