About Airtight Games

About Airtight Games

Airtight Games was formed in 2004 from the core team that shipped the award winning Xbox title, Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge. Airtight has been working with publishers and industry leaders on contracts and publishing deals. Our main goal is to create triple A award winning titles with the best talent and publishing partners in the games business. With backgrounds in the game, film, television and comic book industries, Airtight’s eclectic team claims ship credit on over fifty different titles and decades of combined industry experience.

Airtight Directors

Jim Deal – President and Creative Director
Jim managed production on Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge, which was AIAS Action Adventure game of the year and has averaged 89.6 on Gamerankings.com. Crimson is a game that has come to define its genre. In his eleven years in the games industry, Jim has worked on six titles that have sold a million units or more.

Matt Brunner – Art Director
Working eight years at Will Vinton Studios, Matt started the Computer Animation department where he directed and animated spots for Warner Brother’s, M&M;’s, Puffs, Clorox, and 3Musketeers. Most recently Matt was the Cinematic and Story Director for Crimson Skies at Fasa Studios.

Jared Noftle – Technical Director
In his nine years in the games business, Jared has shipped seven titles, including NFL Blitz Pro and MLB Slugfest: Loaded and also led the Crimson 3 programming team. Jared’s team at Airtight is setting the industry standard in cutting edge physics, character animation techniques, and next-gen gameplay. Watch out because Mr. Noftle also hails as an Airtight Sharp Shooter when wielding a Nerf Maverick Rev-6 revolver.

Ed Fries – Co-founder
Ed lends his expertise to Airtight as both a mentor and touchstone for the team. Ed, former VP at Microsoft led MGS as it grew from 200 to 1200 employees.