Pixld Game

When you hear that Airtight Games, known for the brilliant Quantum Conundrum, have released their first iOS game, Pixld, you naturally expect a puzzle game of the highest order. After all, Airtight Games is headed by Kim Swift, the mastermind behind Narbacular Drop and Portal. Given this impressive pedigree, it’s no surprise that Pixld really is a fantastic little puzzle game.

What might catch you off guard, however, is the game’s lack of grandiose ambition. Pixld revolves around one, simple concept: tapping a tile to flip it and all adjacent tiles, then matching those tiles into square groups. It’s an elegant idea that sets the stage for incredibly enjoyable game modes. However, I will not lead you to believe that there are deep complexities hidden beneath this apparent simplicity. There are no extravagant clothes or the overused cliché “easy to learn, hard to master”. Pixld is direct, and that’s great because it stands out for its directness.


Pixld game rules

Pixld rules are easy to understand. The game has two colors: light blue and dark blue. Touching a pixel (as the game affectionately calls its tiles), it and all surrounding pixels turn into opposite colors. To clear tiles, you match them into groups of two or more of the same shade, and when they disappear, new tiles cascade to fill the board. Special tiles, which include multipliers, time extensions, and smileys, cannot change color, so you must strategically match tiles around them. Once you master this mechanic, you will have a good understanding of the game.

On its own, this simple set of rules is surprisingly attractive. Creating groups of four tiles becomes almost second nature, allowing you to tap without thinking. A little more forethought and planning can greatly increase your results, and using special tiles strategically makes an even bigger difference. The game has a great rhythm – tap, tap, tap as tiles flip, clear and create new combos. Add a variety of game modes and you’ll have an exciting gaming experience.

Game modes

Pixld offers different game modes to keep things interesting:

  1. “60 Seconds” mode is the easiest, challenging a time attack where you earn time extensions at a steady rate.
  2. 50 Taps is just as simple, giving you 50 taps to get the highest score, with no time limit or overtimes. The “Must Match” mode adds a level of difficulty. In this mode, every time you click, you must create a match. Your run ends if you don’t. It’s not too difficult on the lower difficulty levels, but strategic planning is required for those looking for a real challenge. This mode offers a more traditional puzzle with a slower pace.
  3. However, the most outstanding is the “Lvld” mode. It feels like that’s the kind of game Pixld should be. In fact, this is an extreme version of the “60 seconds” mode. As you match up, the bar fills up, and when you reach a new level, a 20-second power-up appears on the board. This mode makes it feel like if you can keep moving forward, you can go forever. While it may be functionally impossible to do, that doesn’t stop you from desperately trying to squeeze out a few more seconds and keep pushing that little bit further.

Each of these modes is a tempting incentive to keep playing Pixld. The game does not need additional difficulties, unlocked modes or missions. It doesn’t ask for much more than what it offers. Just let me keep climbing the leaderboards, flipping tiles and comparing them. The fun may not last a lifetime, but that’s okay. Simplicity is not a derogatory term here; it’s at the core of Pixld’s charm.


Airtight Moves into Mobile Games with PIXLD

Airtight Games, known for games like Dark Void and Quantum Conundrum, is foraying into mobile gaming with PIXLD. Developed for iOS, PIXLD is a color-matching puzzle game in which players must flip groups of blocks to create adjacent groups. The game is described as “highly addictive” and “deceptively simple.”

This release marks the debut of Airtight Mobile, a new venture dedicated to creating games for mobile phones, particularly for iOS.

Airtight Games debuts Mobile Development Studio with PIXLD, coming soon to iOS

PIXLD is Airtight’s first release under the new Airtight Mobile brand, an innovative and unprecedented venture that aims to do the impossible: let consumers experience the joy of video games on their mobile phones.

A stylish, unique take on puzzle games, PIXLD pits you against a ticking clock to collect and destroy as many blocks as possible. Tap a PIXL to change its color – and the color of every PIXL around it. Destroy power-up blocks to add precious seconds to the clock or boost your score. At once hypnotic and frenetic, PIXLD’s puzzle experience will grab you by the brain and never let go.


In summary, Pixld, Airtight Games’ debut iOS game, delivers an elegant and simple puzzle game. The basic concept of the game – flipping tiles and matching colors – is easy to understand, which makes it accessible and exciting. With different game modes to choose from, Pixld offers a variety of challenges to keep players entertained. The “Lvld” mode in particular adds an exciting element, forcing players to test their limits and strive for higher scores. Airtight Games’ mobile gaming venture with Pixld shows that simplicity can be a virtue, and the game offers an immersive experience for puzzle lovers.


What is the main concept behind Pixld and why is it important?

The basic concept of Pixld involves clicking on tiles to flip them and matching adjacent tiles, which is important for its elegant simplicity.

What are the different game modes offered by Pixld and how do they enhance the gaming experience?

Pixld offers game modes such as 60 Seconds, 50 Touches, Must Match and Lvld. These modes offer different challenges and play styles to enhance the overall gaming experience.

What sets Pixld apart from more complex puzzle games?

Pixld’s simplicity makes it approachable and enjoyable, setting it apart from more complex puzzle games. It offers simple gameplay and focuses on achieving higher scores.

What is Airtight Games in mobile gaming with Pixld?

Airtight Games is getting into mobile gaming with Pixld, which embodies their commitment to providing an enjoyable gaming experience on mobile devices. This venture shows that simplicity can be an advantage in the world of mobile gaming, providing an exciting puzzle game for players.